Clark's Minerals.  Concentrated liquid colloidal mineral supplement.
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  • Clark's Minerals.  Concentrated liquid colloidal mineral supplement.

    Message From The President

    Thank's for your inquiry about CLARK'S MINERALS.

    CLARK'S MINERALS is a concentrated organic colloidal liquid mineral supplement. It contains more than 70 different colloidal minerals, in major and trace amounts, in natural and varying combinations. It is extracted from a very rare and ancient deposit of plant origin. This unique natural deposit has been compressed and concentrated for millions of years. These minerals are in a balance and combination produced by Mother Nature. Our special processing makes these minerals available in an organic colloidal state. No synthetic substances, chemicals, coloring or preservatives are added. The uniform strength and quality of CLARK'S MINERALS is carefully controlled. It is completely natural and herbicide and pesticide free.

    Ingredients: Minerals and Water.

    This unique mineral-rich deposit was discovered in the early 1920's by my grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Clark, also known as T.J. Clark. Thomas Jefferson Clark's Original Mineral SolutionTM is produced today by CLARK'S MINERALS. It is processed from the site of the original discovery in Emery County, Utah and remains the finest organic colloidal mineral concentrate available today. We are proud to manufacture T. J. Clark's Original Mineral Concentrate with a strength and quality that my father and grandfather would be proud of.

    Dr. Joel Wallach, in his famous tape, Dead Doctors Don't Lie, states that "the most efficient way to absorb minerals is in the colloidal form. Colloidal minerals are 98% absorbable..and they're very interesting -they're liquid- they can only be liquid." He also says that "the need for organic colloidal trace minerals is measured in the minutes, hours and days of your life."

    We believe that CLARK'S MINERALS is a needed addition to most people's diet. Macro minerals and trace minerals are vital to good health and nutrition and a deficiency can be devastating to the human body. The mineral content and make-up of the soil varies naturally from one geographic location to another. Consequently, the mineral content of the food we eat is inconsistent at best.

    CLARK'S MINERALS is a truly unique and beneficial product, at an affordable price.

    If I can answer any questions, please feel free to write or telephone me.

    Robert L. Clark, President