Clark's Minerals.  Concentrated liquid colloidal mineral supplement.
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  • Clark's Minerals.  Concentrated liquid colloidal mineral supplement.

    Nature's Body Tonic

    CLARK'S MINERALS was discovered over seventy years ago by Thomas Jefferson Clark, also known as T.J. Clark. He learned of a special spring that the cowboys and ranchers of a sparsely populated area in Central Utah would drink from when they were ill. People attributed amazing healing properties to the waters of this spring.

    Mr. Clark decided to find out what made this spring special. He traced the water to it's source and found that it ran through an unusual, ancient, mineral-rich deposit. Fossils in the deposit indicated that it was of plant origin. He experimented until he learned to extract a concentrated mineral solution from this deposit.

    He began to make this mineral solution for himself and for his family. Many people heard of this mineral solution and asked for it. They reported all kinds of wonderful results from taking it. They told more and more people about it. Sales have grown over the years as one person told another.

    Today, Thomas Jefferson Clark's original mineral solution is still being extracted by his grandson, Robert L. Clark, President of CLARK'S MINERALS. Our minerals are mined from the original site of the famous "T. J. Clark mineral discovery". It is being sold nationally through independent distributors. People still report wonderful results after using these minerals. CLARK'S MINERALS contains a natural mixture of over seventy colloidal minerals.